Why us?


What specifically do we give you ?

We invest money in you

This is it - you do not have to fund anything from your own pocket. We invest our own money to grow your OF account.

We make your character from scratch

We help you to select a look which will bring you a lot of new fans. If you wish to be a superheroine, a student, or a pizza delivery lady for your subscribers - we’ve got you covered


We care about everything. We take care of every other thing from Instagram promotion to chatting with your subscribers. All that’s required from you - to spend 15 minutes a day recording videos.
Let’s go for it !

Earn your first million on OnlyFans with the help of Star agency

Looking to take your OnlyFans career to the next level? Start grow your account with us and make money - the only thing you give is 50% of your future income. Just relax and invest 2 hours weekly uploading content.


OnlyFans followers done


OnlyFans Models Promoted

How to start


Let’s go for it


Sign a contract with us


Creating a look together


Watch how your account grows and make your first million

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Get Every Question
From There

How do I know I can trust you?
The account is created by you. The e-mail and all data remain with you.
How do you ensure anonymity?
We do our best to ensure that your privacy is protected, none of our accounts have been hacked to date, however, no agency can give you a full guarantee.
Can I do this without showing my face?
Of course, you can, but have in mind that efficiency will proportionally also be reduced.
How often can I withdraw money?
You can withdraw your earnings as often as once every week.