How to become an OnlyFans content creator

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Follow the guideline below.


Becoming an OnlyFans content creator requires planning. Below is what you do before starting.

Select a niche

Your niche is your OnlyFans content idea. Examples of niches are:

  • Hotwife
  • Amateur 
  • Hardcore
  • Bull
  • Gamer girl
  • Girl next door

The niche you pick will determine how explicit your content will be and the kind of outfit 👙 you will wear. The niche also influences your attitude and demeanor toward your viewers.

Determine your posting schedule

Like other jobs, being an OnlyFans content creator takes time, especially during the first few days. Therefore, having a posting schedule, determining how often you will post, and when to record the content is advisable. You can begin by posting once a week until you have a huge following.

Profile creation

Creating an OnlyFans account is simple. The steps are similar to opening an account on other social media platforms. It entails email verification. 

After opening an account, you must create a username and a display name. Incorporating your niche in your display name is good because it will make getting viewers’ attention easier.

The following step is to have a profile image and write a bio description.

Account Verification

It is a must to verify your OnlyFans content creator account. Otherwise, it will be impossible to add your banking information.

Offer discounts

Having discounted prices helps in getting the first few subscribers. 👍

Write a welcome message

The welcome message gets sent to new followers when they subscribe to your account. So keep it simple with a personal touch. For example, you can thank them for following you and encourage them to check out your content.

Country restriction

As an OnlyFans content creator, you can restrict people from certain countries from viewing your content. For example, you can block your country to prevent your parents, schoolmates, and people that know you from seeing your nudity.

Do not show your subscriber count

Since you are starting, you cannot let viewers see 🤫 you have zero followers, as that can make them reluctant to subscribe. So, you should adjust your account settings to hide your follower count.

Creating your OnlyFans content

Below are the types of content you will make.

OnlyFans page content

Top-quality content that will make people subscribe.

Social media promotion content

You post this on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to make people aware of your OnlyFans page. The content should not contain nudity to avoid getting banned.

Paid content

Explicit content shared with subscribers only.

Your first post

Do not go straight to posting your explicit content when you are new. Instead, make an introduction post to let viewers know what to expect.