Ways to remain safe and anonymous on OnlyFans

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Whether you join OnlyFans as a fan or creator, there are ways to protect your online privacy and safety. For example, you can begin by creating an anonymous email address. After that, you can open an OnlyFans account with it.

  1. Open an anonymous email addressūüĎć

You can use ProtonMail (a mail hosting platform that doesn’t need personal details to sign up, so your identity will not get compromised when there is a breach.

It is essential touse an alias when opening an account on ProtonMail. Do not use your actual name because you will no longer be anonymous.

  1. Open an anonymous OnlyFabs page

Use your anonymous email to open your OnlyFans account. You must provide a username and password. Again, do not use your real name as it can get traced back to you, yet you want to be anonymous.

  1. 2-factor authentication

Getting extra security is necessary to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your account. You can achieve that by enabling two-factor authentication.

Below is how to do it

  • Go¬†to the settings section of your¬†OnlyFans account.
  • Select¬†Accountand then click¬†2-Step Verification.
  • Set the authentication by¬†connecting through an authenticator app or SMS.

To make two-step verification active, you must provide a contact, a Microsoft account, or a Google account. With that, you will have increased the safety of your account.

Other ways to protect your OnlyFans privacy

You can further ensure you are completely private on the OnlyFans platform by doing the following.

Edit privacy settings

You can edit privacy settings in the following ways:

  • Hide your activity status.
  • Hide the total tips.
  • Have a private subscribers list.
  • Do not display your media count unless you intend to use it as a competitive advantage on the OnlyFans platform.

Be conscious about what you upload

As an OnlyFans creator, you will be sharing pictures and videos of yourself. You can still be anonymous while doing that, provided you are careful about the content you upload. The table below shows contains examples of what you can post:

Hide your face

You can take pictures without showing your face.

Arrange your background 

Ensure there are no identifiable features in the place where you shoot your content. This includes things like unique road signs, landscapes, and skyscrapers.

Use make-up and filters

You can alter your facial features using filters or make-up ūüėć.


It is advisable to use VPN when accessing OnlyFans, considering there can be data and security breaches. You cannot tell when a breach can compromise OnlyFans users’ data.

A VPN routes internet connection via servers across the globe, modifying your IP address. So, your location will remain a secret to other internet users.