Guide on How OnlyFans Make Money Every Month

OnlyFans is a content subscription service famous for offering adult content. However, it is not entirely about sex videos and sexting. You can still venture into other categories, such as:
  • Travel
  • Bondage sex😍
  • Beauty
  • DIY
  • Education
  • Alternative Health
  • Fashion
  • Lesbian
  • Lifestyle
  • Cooking
  • Fitness
  • Video Gaming
The most important aspect is finding out your passion and focusing on it. For example, if you are passionate about anal sex, you can use this to make money on the site.

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How Much Money can you Earn on OnlyFans?

This subscription service has tons of creators that earn from the content they upload on the site. Users subscribe to the model’s pages; sometimes, models go live to showcase their skills and talents for free. According to reports, some creators have already made at least $1 million from the online service.

However, most creators use it as an extra income stream to make $500 to $1 000 or more monthly. The earnings depend on the model’s number of subscribers, performance of the live sessions, and consistency. Therefore, creators with more subscribers and who are consistent with content creation earn more.

Ways to make money on OnlyFans

Creators sell content to Fans Only. That is why the service is referred to as OnlyFans. However, the site offers multiple features that enable creators to make money.

Here is how the site works:

1. Subscription Service

Putting your OnlyFans account behind a paywall is one of the best ways to get paid. This way is also called per-per-view. Users have to pay a certain amount to gain access to the content on their account. This way, you can earn good revenue every month if you promote your account well and ensure you post high-quality content.

2. ‍Paid Posts

Another way to make money is to opt for paid posts. Instead of having the entire account behind a paywall, you can engage some of your great posts behind the paywall.

3. ‍Tipping

Creators, with either free or paid pages, can earn through tipping. If you have about five posts or more, users can tip your posts, profile, live streams, direct messages, and photos.

4. ‍Live streaming

Users can tip you during a live stream. Moreover, you can even have a tip goal to raise a particular amount of money. If you own a free account, you can set a fee for anyone who wants to join the live stream.


There are multiple ways to earn from the online service. Just choose a niche you are passionate about and start sharing your pictures and videos and interacting with fans on the site. Use the ways this article reveals to make money from the content you upload.