Introduction to getting OnlyFans followers without showing your face

There are various ways to ensure you don’t reveal your identity on your OnlyFans account.

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Tips for creating OnlyFans content without showing your face

Use a fake name and open a new social media account.

Social media platforms allow using stage names. So you can open an account with your OnlyFans page name.

Creating a different email address will also come in handy 💯since social media sites use algorithms that suggest new accounts to people you know. 

Masking and good use of camera angles

The OnlyFans platform has a mask feature. You can use the one you like to hide your face. Alternatively, you can use camera angles that show your neck downward without including your face.

Hide your scars, birthmarks, and tattoos.

To be extra safe on the OnlyFans platform, consider hiding body marks that distinguish you from others. They include tattoos, scars, and birthmarks. 

Use the geo-blocking feature.

A geo-blocking feature will hide your IP address and your entire location. The tool can also prevent users from certain countries from accessing your OnlyFans page. 

Use voice-changing tools

To be completely anonymous on the OnlyFans platform, you must alter your voice besides hiding your face. You can use audio software to change it.

How to get subscribers after hiding your face

Below is how to get people to subscribe to your account after hiding your face.

Use tools to get followers

There are various tools for speeding up OnlyFans promotion. For example, you can use Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and Snapchat to promote your OnlyFans page.

Work with other content creators

Consider joining forces with other OnlyFans content creators that hide their faces. Then, you can promote each other’s content on your social media platforms to reach bigger and new audiences.

Pay for promotion

It can be hard to get subscribers on OnlyFans without showing your face. Therefore, you should consider hiring promotion companies to help you market your content. The charges can be high, but it is the fastest way to get new subscribers, enabling you to recover the money you will have spent.

Be unique

It is impossible to stand out on the OnlyFans platform if you are offering the same content as other creators and not showing your face. So you have to create something new and exclusive to attract viewers. 🥶 It can be personalized content and anything else that can make the subscriber feel special.

Produce high-quality content

Your face is already hidden; why will you give people blurry videos again? Instead, invest in a good camera; your subscribers should be able to see your body clearly to make up for the missing face. 👍

Have good interactions to make up for the absence of your face

Your viewers are likely to get detached if they can’t see your face. This can make users unsubscribe or prevent new ones from subscribing. You can avoid that by making things friendly and exciting.

You can improve interactions by answering viewers’ messages and being a receptive content creator to your subscribers. Remember that people like getting noticed to some point, and some level of attention is vital to keep them glued to your content. 👌