Ways to get OnlyFans followers

Consider the following ways if you want to get followers on an OnlyFans account.

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Create free content or a teaser video

Providing a short teaser clip or free content samples is a perfect way to entice new subscribers. Additionally, showcasing what people can get from subscribing to your OnlyFans page can encourage them to subscribe if they like it. 👍

Vary what you offer

Consider incorporating the content types in the table below. 


Good-quality photos that showcase your service.


Clips will give viewers something unique and exclusive compared to photos.


Live streaming lets you interact with your fans in real-time.

Behind the scenes

The footage gives people a closer view of your life outside of creating adult content. This can make your fans feel more connected to you.

Prioritize quality more than quantity

Instead of overwhelming people with low-quality content, aim to create top-notch material that showcases professionalism and creativity. 👌

You can achieve that by acquiring a good camera, proper lighting, and quality editing tools.

Use social networking platforms to promote your OnlyFans page

Various social media networks exist, and each requires a different strategy. Below see how you can promote your content on each.


You can share your OnlyFans link in stories or bio. Ensure you use a landing page instead of the direct OnlyFans link because you can get banned for sharing nudity. 


You can create a page or use your account to share your OnlyFans link in the About section. Again, it is advisable to use a landing page to avoid getting shadowbanned due to nudity.


The platform lets you share your OnlyFans link and sample videos. 


You can use the video-sharing platform to add actions at the end of each recording. You can include links in video descriptions and share a link in your bio to drive traffic.


If you are a premium Snapchat user, you can share a link to your OnlyFans page. 


The platform lets you mention your OnlyFans page in a video or share a landing page link like on Facebook and Instagram. The platform prohibits nudity. Keep that in mind to avoid getting banned.


The social media platform allows you to share links to your OnlyFans page.

Interact with your viewers

Establishing a solid relationship with people that watch your content is vital in growing an OnlyFans page. You can achieve that by interacting, replying to messages and comments, and offering what viewers request.

Communicating with your followers makes them feel appreciated, and they are likely to keep supporting you by purchasing premium content.

Provide exclusives

When using social media platforms to promote your OnlyFans page, consider providing something extra 😉 to entice people to subscribe. Depending on your niche, you can determine what you can provide for free to make new users subscribe to your account.