Steps followed when setting up an OnlyFans account

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Follow the steps below when creating your OnlyFans page.

  1. Register

You begin by opening an account. The activity entails providing an email address and a username. You can even register using your social media account like Twitter, connecting to OnlyFans without filling out a form.

Registering by filling out a form will receive a verification code in your email inbox.

  1. Set up your payment information

You must set up your payment information to receive money from your OnlyFans account. You can link your bank account, Paypal, or other supported method.

  1. Identity verification

The identity verification process entails uploading pictures.

  • You may require to attach your identification card or driving license.
  • The other photo may be of you holding your identification card.
  1. Submit your application

You have to answer various questions at this step, after which you submit your application for approval. It can take up to seventy-two hours to get verified.

  1. Specify your charges

After getting verified, you can set up your subscription prices. You can include other goodies, such as pay-per-view texts.

Remember that out of all the users who follow without paying, less than 5 percent convert to paid subscribers. So, it is vital to promote your OnlyFans services whenever you can.

  1. Upload your content

You can publish your first content after putting your page together and setting subscription prices. The OnlyFans platform allows various kinds of content.

It may be any of the following:


A sexy picture of you.


A recording of yourself showcasing what you are good at.


You can record a voice message describing your content.

The site is for adult content. You can share nude pictures or videos.

Tips for succeeding in your OnlyFans career

To succeed in the OnlyFans career, you must stay consistent👍. As stated earlier, promoting your service also plays a big role in succeeding in OnlyFan’s business. Another thing that can make you excel is treating your fans well. You can achieve that by interacting with them, responding to messages, and accepting their requests.

Other tips

  • Determine your niche: You must know your niche before creating your OnlyFans account. With a niche, you will know your target audience. OnlyFans platform is a diverse platform with creators from different backgrounds and interests. 
  • Top-quality content: To succeed in OnlyFans, you need high-quality, engaging content that attracts 😍 your target audience. The content includes pictures, videos, live sessions, and written content. Ensure your content stands out and remains consistent to keep your followers interested.
  • Make people aware of your content: It is essential to promote your OnlyFans account to get more subscribers. You can achieve that by sharing your content on social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. Another way to promote is by collaborating with other OnlyFans creators in your niche and using the OnlyFans platform’s built-in promotion tools.