Getting started on OnlyFans

Starting OnlyFans is simple, but you need to have a plan. Below is what you must do before opening an account.

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Things to do before opening an account

You must decide what you will focus on and how often you will produce content.

Choose a niche

The niche determines your content idea. The type of content also determines the outfit you will put on and your attitude and demeanor toward your viewers. You can choose from trendy niches such as:

  • Hot wife
  • Gamer girl
  • Hardcore
  • Girl next door
  • Amateur
  • Bull 

Posting schedule

Expect to spend a lot of time when starting OnlyFans. Plan how often you will record and post content to avoid getting overwhelmed or confused. For example, you can post once daily until you get enough subscribers.

Open an account

An OnlyFans account comprises the following:

A profile

Creating a profile on OnlyFans is similar to creating one on other social media sites. You have to create a username, display your name, and provide an email address that must get verified. It is recommended to pick a username that describes your niche or sounds attractive to viewers.

A photo

Since you want people to pay to see your nudity, ensure your profile picture is attractive. 😍

A bio description

A bio description is another vital OnlyFans element since it can convert visitors into subscribers. So, write something that people will love to hear. Use engaging language and keep it concise.

Other things you must do before starting to post on your OnlyFans account

You must do the following, too, when starting OnlyFans:

Verify your account

Your account must be verified before adding payment details. The verification process can take between twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Provide payment details

You are required to provide your bank account information. Using a separate account for the OnlyFans business is advisable, as that can make paying taxes easier.

Write your welcome message

A welcome message is what new subscribers receive after joining your account. It should be warm and friendly to make them feel appreciated.

Choose countries that can access your account

Since OnlyFans entails getting naked, you will not want your parents, siblings, friends, or anyone who knows you to see what you do online. For that reason, the platform allows restricting people from certain countries from accessing your profile. So, block the countries you do not wish to interact with.

Creating OnlyFans content

There are three types of content you need to have to succeed in the OnlyFans business.



OnlyFans page content

The content you will upload on your OnlyFans account. It must be good quality. 👍Do not make your subscribers feel they wasted money paying to subscribe to your page.

Social media content 

The content you share on your social media accounts to inform people about your OnlyFans page. Depending on the platform, you may need to avoid nudity; otherwise, you will get banned.

Pay per view content 

The most explicit content you send subscribers and lock it behind a paywall.